Terms & Conditions

"Annual Maintenance  Contract" TERMS AND CONDITIONS :

1. Annual Maintenance charges are payable in advance. In addition to the annual charges, any local taxes, as such, the time of signing the contract may be charged at actual rate if applicable.

2. The AMC agreement is initially for a period of one year commencing from the date of payment of maintenance charges. You will have a copy of your invoice in "My Account"

3. No work shall be undertaken on Sunday, and beyond office hours of company except by prior arrangement and at additional charge to the customer on a "Per Call Basis" at the standard rates currently in effect then.

4. Preventive maintenance based on the specific need of each unit of the equipment as determined by company. The parts replaced will be new parts at cost not inclusive of cost of AMC. These parts shall be furnished on an exchange basis. The removed parts will become the property of Smit's Simple SolutionsĀ©Ā®

5. During the period of maintenance agreement the machine will not be repaired or opened by any third party, and on such condition company reserve its right to terminate this agreement forthwith. On such termination, Company shall have no obligation or liabilities arising out of this agreement and the customer shall have no right to claim any refund or compensation.


Terms & Conditions of Repair on "Per Call Basis" :

1. Once you booked an appointment, it can only be cancelled 1 hour prior to the approximate appointment time.